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Benefits of Using an Iontophoresis Machine in Treating Sweaty Hands and Feet


Many people suffer from sweaty palms and feet and unfortunately, they do not realize that it is an abnormal condition that needs to be cured. A significant number of them just ignore it. Hyperhidrosis may cause anxiety, discomfort, or even low self-esteem and this can compromise one's social and professional activities. A great number of individuals who suffer from this condition could face discrimination and social stigma.


Luckily, there are numerous treatments that can help to get rid of this condition for good. The best and most effective method is the iontophoresis treatment.  This involves using the Iontophoresis machine. The device has proved effective in treating sweaty hands and feet. It has provided the most effective and affordable form of treatment since 1940s.


Malaysia Iontophoresis has helped a large portion of patients to get relief from the condition. Various remedies available from over the counter at the pharmacies could cure mild cases; an individual with severe cases could require iontophoresis treatment.


Sweaty palms iontophoresis treatment has successfully treated millions of hand sweat victims. This is because the process involved is very simple. There is no surgery, no injection, and does not leave the patient with any side effects. You just follow the procedure as per the device instructions carefully.


Procedures to treat sweaty palms are repeated for a few times a week, but the results delivered are very promising. At the end of treatment you will finally achieve the goal of having, a fresh and dry hands.


Initially, a number of individual preferred surgeries to treat sweaty hands and feet, but the procedure do not deliver the best immediate relief from excess hand sweat. Numerous side effects put off patients to undergo surgery.


Some insurance companies have opted to include iontophoresis in their cover while others have not yet. You do not need to use any special fluid for this procedure. You just need tap water; however some people add sea water in order to enhance results. Others have tried dry devices but the results were not promising. To read more about the benefits of Iontophoresis treatment machine, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iontophoresis#Uses.


Ionophoresis is commonly known to treat severe sweating, but it may also be used to treat variety of sports injuries. This is achieved by adding anti-inflammatory medicines to the water during the process this could ease soft- tissue injuries. The electrical current will help the skin to easily absorb medications. This is very effective in reducing swelling around the joints thus relieving pain.